Media Brainwashing

The media is constantly brainwashing the public and I feel so many people don’t realize it is being done.  Let’s look at the election.  For a little over a year the media fed to the public how Trump would never win.  They paraded political experts, celebrities and whoever else would spew their like minded views.  The public bought it.  So on November the 8th came, and what happened?  Trump won.  The media with egg on their face constantly said “What just happened?”

Now they want to kick out poll numbers stating how Trump has the lowest rating ever.  These the same polls that was saying Trump won’t win?  How can we even believe anything on the news anymore?  They want to show the outrage about the refugee delay, how come they never show the counter argument?  Does anyone else out there question these tactics or do you simply agree because it may go along with your way of thinking?  Is that fair and just?


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