Refugee Outrage

Why are so many people outraged over refugees and “ILLEGAL” immigrants being sent home?  Now I am not a heartless person.  So I get why people want to come here to escape atrocities in their own country.  But we can not save the whole world.  We also can not blindly just open the borders to any and all that want to come here.

Let’s talk vetting.  How is someone vetted?  So the US gathers all this info on these individuals wanting to come here.  Gathers for where?  The home country?  Do we just take their word “Oh yeah these people are good.”?  Some people may be able to ruled out right away where others we carefully hidden to act as a Trojan horse.  I will probably say this many times in many posts, I know not ALL or None can apply to anything.  So I am aware that not everyone in an Islamic country or even Latino countries and so on and so on are bad.  With that said, my outlook on people in general are people are bad until proven otherwise and not the other way around.  Opinion alert : To me that is the way to be, it’s safer that way.  You don’t just randomly ask people on the street to watch your children in hopes they don’t get kidnapped, molested, killed, etc. No.  You keep them with you or you leave them with someone you know and trust.  Why should it be different for people being admitted into the country?

Without writing a whole book I’m going to list some question everyone should ask themselves.

Why should immigrants/refugees be admitted into the country and then provided with taxpayer assistance.  I don’t have exact stats but don’t fool yourself into thinking this does not happen.  My OPINION is 1 is too many.  Come here and pay your own way, not use my money.

Not only receive assistance now some start to make demands.  Every damn thing is now in English and Spanish.  You aware when immigrants long ago came in through Ellis Island, they were checked for diseases and such.  Also the assimilated to our way of life.  Got jobs, learned the language, blended in.  Today they want us to adapt to them.  I say fuck that.

Being born in America, when was the last time you were able to work and not pay taxes?  Well guess what, immigrants get to do it.  Illegals of course don’t pay taxes if they are working under the table (yes a lot of them do work under the table).  Hell even legal immigrants here on work visas are given a tax exemption for awhile.  Is that fair?  Is that what you want to protest and allow?  Surely I don’t.

Twist it how you want, but look at facts.  Immigrant do affect the job market.  Now I will admit I am not sure of the scale but don’t say it’s not affected.

Cost of healthcare?  Also being paid by tax payers.  And so on.

Man I am getting tired of typing.  Don’t go out here and find a website with some BS stats and say See you are wrong.  Use your head.  Think for a minute and ask yourself how can none of this stuff be affected?  Again in a perfect world we would all live in harmony and there would be no disagreements and we can help everyone.  But if the world was perfect nobody would need help would they.  Also we do not live in a perfect world and we never will.


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